• Technology


    o   We are certainly emerging as a cutting-edge district with our technology initiatives.   We have purchased additional technologies that allow all 3600+ students have access to an i-Pad, Chromebook, or desktop computer. 

    o   This year 30 teachers were selected from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade for the Engaged Classroom Initiative. 

    o   We have 3 classrooms in Kindergarten through second grade incorporating i-Pads into their daily instruction. 

    o   We have 27 classrooms in third through twelfth grade using Chromebooks every day. 

    o   As a result, we are finding our students are more engaged in the learning process and our teachers are more equipped to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.   

    o   From an infrastructure standpoint, we are in the process of laying the foundation for our district to handle the increased technology usage.  All of our buildings are being equipped with wireless access points in the very near future.