• Arts, Music, and Humanities


    o   Providing our students with a well-rounded education is something we are passionate about. The rich experiences and learning opportunities provided to our students by quality teachers in the arts, music, and humanities have encouraged our children to not only appreciate these areas, but allows them to express their feelings and thoughts through a variety of methods.

    o   We have created new positions in the Music and Art departments. These additions have allowed us to expand our Band, Instrumental, and Chorus offerings.  

    o   To support this expansion, we have also updated several Music and Art curriculums that are guiding our teaching and learning Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.

    o   We have purchased new musical instruments and refurbished older instruments. 

    o   We have purchased new Band uniforms for our students that further demonstrate the sense of pride and optimism our students feel while being part of the Band. 

    o   Our district continues to grow with productions such as Carousel and Lion King Junior.