•      Welcome to MSD Athletics. We are excited and honored to be on the same team as so many student-athletes who exemplify what being a Muhl is all about. We also look forward to working with parents, coaches, staff, and the community to help build a solid foundation for our student-athletes for years to come.

         Athletics instill many invaluable tools and skills that our student athletes will utilize throughout their lives including leadership, organization, planning, and being a positive and essential part of a team environment. Our student athletes will depart as seniors with these skills at the highest possible level through the hard work of the coaches, teachers, and administrators of the Muhlenberg School District.

         Please remember that being a part of a team means that all parts work together to make a lasting, impacting impression both on and off the field. We ask that our parents, student-body, and community help us to represent Muhlenberg with sportsmanship and goodwill at all events, regardless of outcomes or personal opinion. Please cheer us on when we do well, and some words of encouragement go miles farther during the bad times than criticism. The student-athletes and coaches work tremendously hard year round, and deserve our support and positive spirit.

         It is my pleasure to present to you our athletic teams for the 2016-2017 school year, and we look forward to many exciting moments as our students represent Muhlenberg with honor and pride.

    Dr. Timothy Moyer, Athletic Director

Picture from the Oxenreider track meet