• Literacy (Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum)


    o   With Literacy, we are emerging with the development of a comprehensive, researched based English Language Arts program.  Finding a program that uses an integrated approach to build all of our students into stronger readers is paramount.  We have identified two programs that may facilitate this approach, Reading Wonders and Journeys.  In order to make the best decision for MSD, we are ambitiously piloting both programs in 31 of our Kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms.

    o   We have also refined and updated our Literacy curriculum to be better aligned with 21st Century expectations.  Ensuring our curriculum is academically challenging, while centering on the development of literacy, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills is essential.  

    o   Our scheduling in MEC, Cole, and MS reflect our commitment to Literacy. All 60 of our first thru sixth grade classrooms have in-class support for their guided reading block on a daily basis.  We have improved teacher to student ratios in all of our 7th and 8th grade Reading classes.