• Dr. Alan S. Futrick
    Assistant Superintendent of Muhlenberg School DistrictDr. Alan S. Futrick's picture

    The 2016-2017 school year is filled with excitement and anticipation for the Muhlenberg School District.  Our central focus is 21st Century Teaching and Learning.  We are making significant strides to equip our staff and students with the most appropriate resources, cutting edge technology, and an effective Professional Development plan.  
    It's no secret, teachers make the difference.  Teachers, with the support of our professional development plan, will stay current with the most effective pedagogy, cutting-edge curricula and the most relevant experiences and resources that connect our content to the needs of the MSD community.  
    When we think about the future we begin with providing our students a strong foundation, centered around rich, authentic experiences that foster critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, communication, and literacy.    Our Technology and Engaged Classroom Initiative has been established to create the proper conditions necessary for students to thrive in a 21st century environment .  Sixty-three Kdg to 12th grade classrooms have been strategically outfitted with Ipads, Chromebooks or TI-Nspire technology and software that will help deepen students' understanding through classroom exploration of STEM concepts. 
    In Math, we will be piloting two Math programs this year.  Eureka Math and Envision Math will be piloted in all Kdg - 8th grade classrooms. Our intent is to identify and select the most appropriate resource that supports our teachers implementing the curriculum.
    With Literacy, we are emerging with the development of a comprehensive, researched based English Language Arts program. This past year, we updated all of our ELA and Social Studies curricula to match 21st century learning expectations.  The result was the creation of rich, rigorous and relevant curricula that will provide our students with a plethora of learning experiences and opportunities to develop their communication and critical thinking skills.  To support the curriculum, our Kdg - 6th grade teachers will be using a new resource, Reading Wonders, that uses an integrated approach to build all of our students into stronger readers.