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Muhlenberg School District Foundation was formed in November 2004. The goal of the foundation is to provide students with enhancing activities in our community. The foundation is the collective effort of an advisory board of judges, lawyers, clergy, educators, and other professionals – most of whom are Muhlenberg High School alumni who remain committed to the school that gave each one such an excellent scholastic start.

The foundation is an independent and charitable organization whose success depends upon the community’s willingness to participate. Volunteers and donations are needed to carry out the various projects that will fill a student’s need. These include tutoring mentoring, a DARE-like program, and a summer enrichment camp.

The diverse school population presents ever increasing challenges to the school staff. The foundation wishes to focus its efforts on making sure all the students get the best education they can. Holy Guardian Angels Regional School, along with the four schools in the Muhlenberg School District, comprises the foundation’s student group. 

If you have any questions about the foundation or its work, contact Dr. Joseph S. Yarworth, President, at 610-921-8368.