• Welcome to the Muhlenberg School District Buildings, Grounds and Transportation page. We are proud to play what we believe is an important role in support of the educational process for our students and ultimately, the mission of the district. A commonly asked question is, "Who are we?" Quite simply, we are buildings, grounds, and transportation. As such, we:

    • maintain all our buildings, both mechanically and from a custodial perspective
    • maintain all district grounds
    • schedule and provide vehicles used to transport our students to and from school on a daily basis, as well as to all school sanctioned activities, functions, and athletic events.

    Our office is located at the Administration Building, 801 Bellevue Avenue, Laureldale PA 19605. We can be contacted at 610-921-8000, ext. 1241 for Buildings & Grounds and 610-921-8000, ext. 1240 for Transportation.


    Ken Patterson - Director of Buildings, Grounds and Transportation
    Randy Mutter - Maintenance Supervisor
    Cindy Seaman - Custodial Supervisor
    Denise Rapp - Secretary
    Joyce Davies - Secretary


    Maintenance Department

    The maintenance department is staffed by four full-time mechanics, with expertise in all maintenance trades. Typical duties include the maintenance and repair of all facilities, as well as involvement in minor construction projects. Fabrication, movement and installation of various pieces of equipment and cabinetwork are also commonplace.

    Grounds Department

    The grounds crew consists of four full-time outside custodians. Daily duties include all work necessary to maintain school district grounds. Seasonal work ranges from mowing grass and athletic field preparation in the warmer months to snow removal in the winter, as well as equipment repairs/maintenance. Movement of all materials and landscaping work are also handled by these personnel.

    Custodial Department

    The custodial department is staffed by 35 full-time employees. We strive to provide the safest, most attractive, and cleanest environment for our students, staff, parents, and community. We work year round, during the summer, during the day and evening on school days, as well as on weekends.

    We supply support services for our students, staff, and the Muhlenberg community as a whole. For more information about use of our facilities by outside groups, you may contact the Buildings and Grounds office at 610-921-8000, ext. 1241.

    Transportation Department

    Every day, the Muhlenberg School District: transports nearly 3,503 students from within the 12 square miles of the District on 32 school buses and school vehicles to 21 schools for students residing in the Muhlenberg School District. Every year, Muhlenberg School District vehicles travel 58,724 miles (94,507 km), equivalent to driving around the Earth approximately 2.35 times! On the other hand, nearly ¼ the distance to the moon!

    Energy Management

    Muhlenberg School District is contracted with Energy Education Inc., which forms an alliance with the School District and then provides a continuing people-based management program that makes everyone conscious of energy conservation. Energy use is monitored precisely throughout the school system to save substantial education dollars. The program is customized to our district's needs and works continuously with every person in our school district to change the whole culture of energy use.