Strategic Goals

  • I. Educational

    A.    Continue to develop Core Curriculum Maps that are aligned to the Pennsylvania Standards, Anchors and Eligible Content and the Common Core Standards in all disciplines embedding 21st Century Skills and high expectations for all students.

    B.     Continue to explicitly address district and school learning climate to embrace the belief that all children can achieve.  

    C.     Refine Response to Intervention and Instruction systems in all buildings in order to increase student achievement by responding to what children know and need to learn in a consistent, rigorous and results driven manner.

    D.    Continue to refine access to and delivery of educational programs through the integration of literacy, mathematics and technology in the curriculum and instructional practices.

    E.     Expand the use of Restorative Practices in all buildings in order to provide a safe learning environment that promotes responsible citizenship, self discipline, personal responsibility, compassion, and mutual respect.

    II. Managerial

    A.    Provide effective and efficient administration and management of the district's human and financial resources being cognizant of current economic conditions.

    B.     Continue to improve safety through the work of the Muhlenberg School District Multi-Hazards Crisis Committee and District and Building Safety Committees.  

    C.     Continue to reformat and review District Policies in order to appropriately align with current federal and state regulations, District contracts and best practices for ensuring orderly, effective and efficient school systems.

    III. Community

    A.    Expand upon the use of the Muhlenberg School District Web site and other technology as a communications venue for the school and community.

    B.     Increase opportunities for community involvement in Muhlenberg schools by encouraging participation in seminars, meetings, committee work, and district programs.