Fast Facts

  • Administrative Offices

    801 Bellevue Avenue
    Laureldale, Pa 19605
    Phone 610-921-8000
    Fax 610-921-8076


    Superintendent of Schools

    Joseph E. Macharola, Ed. D.


    Geographic Area

    Muhlenberg, a fast-growing school district in central Berks County, is adjacent to Reading, the county seat, and 30 miles northeast of Lancaster, 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia, and 30 miles southwest of Allentown. Covering approximately 13 square miles, the district includes Muhlenberg Township and Laureldale. Children attend school in one of four buildings, all on one campus. Our suburban residential community has zoned commercial and industrial sections, while a portion is still used for agriculture. The population is approximately 24,00 with over 4,000 students in our schools.

    Secondary Schools

    Muhlenberg High School, grades 10-12
    Muhlenberg Middle School, grades 7-9


    Elementary/Intermediate Schools

    Muhlenberg Elementary Center, grades K-3

    C. E. Cole Intermediate School, grades 4-6



    Administrators: 31
    Support Staff: 174
    Professional Staff: 268


    2019-2020 Operating Budget



    2019-2020 Millage Rate




    Royal Blue & Gold





    Committee-of-the-Whole Meetings

    First Wednesday of the month*


    Board Meetings

    Second Wednesday of the month*