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    Welcome to the Muhlenberg School District

    Dear Muhlenberg School District Community Members:

    We are excited and energized for the 2019-2020 school year.  As seasons change with time, we also as human beings change with time.  One item for certain is our commitment to providing quality services for our children. In April of 2014, after careful research and assimilation of qualitative and quantitative data, we presented a holistic plan, our Blueprint for Success.  This visionary template serves as guidance for creating opportunities for our children.  Since 2014, several components of this plan have emerged resulting in programs and activities for our students. Simply, our Blueprint is our cornerstone and it is galvanizing our school system. You will also find Muhlenberg School District's Action Plan was presented publicly in May of 2017.  This concentric and systemic Action Plan will provide pathways of empowerment and operations for our District enterprise; also, feel encouraged to review my message on the Superintendent's link. 

    Each parent, guardian and, especially your children who are our students, are our most valuable resources.  Our mission is to educationally empower and model humanistic qualities so our children can experience a meaningful and happy life, even with all of life’s obstacles.  

    Please review the Blueprint and concentric Action Plan for continuous improvement. Your contributions towards this journey are certainly welcome.  

    I wish you the very best within the spirit of the Muhlenberg School District.


    Joseph E. Macharola, Ed D.



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  • Good afternoon parents and guardians.
    This message is from our Superintendent Dr. Macharola.
    First of all he wants to thank you for supporting our district. This message is to inform you that due to 3 cases of Covid-19 among our employees and 6 people
    with symptoms we have decided that we will close the high school on Monday and Tuesday. Teachers will continue to provide instruction / classes from their homes so students
    will continue to receive instruction from their teachers virtually. We have communicated with the Department of Health and these were the recommendations to take. The other
    schools will continue to operate as they have been, as there are no cases of Covid-19 in these buildings.
    Again, he wants to remind you that if you feel depressed or need any assistance please contact our Behavior Specialist Mr. Zach Milch
    or enter our wed page for more information and Community Services.
    Thank you God bless you!
    Buenas trades padres y tutores.
    Este menzage es de parte de nuestro Superintendente el Sr. Macharola.
    Primero que nada el quiere agradecerle por apoyar nuestro distrito. Este menzaje es para informarles que debido a 3 casos de Covid-19 entre nuestros empleados y 6 personas
    con síntomas hemos decidido que cerraremos la escuela secundaria el Lunes y el Martes. Los maestros continuarán dando instrucciones /clases desde sus hogares por lo que los
    estudiantes continuarán recibiendo instrucción de sus maestros virtual mente. Nos hemos comunicado con el Departamento de Salud y estas fureon las recomendaciones a tomar
    de nuestra parte. Las demas escuelas continuarán funcionando como hasta haora, pues no hay casos de Covid-19 en estos edificios.
    Nuevamente El les quiere recordar que si se sienten deprimido o nesesita alguna asistencia porfavor comuniquese con nuestro Especialista de Comportamiento el Sr, Zach Milch
    o entre a nuestra pajina de wed para mas informacion y Servicios Comunitario.
    Gracias Que Dios les Bendiga!
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  • Parents and Guardians,
    As of September 21, 2020, the PIAA has transferred decision making abilities to school districts as it pertains to spectators in attendance at Fall athletic contests. We have measured out our venues in order to determine a safe number of spectators that we can permit that will still allow for us to maintain social distancing and safety measures. We will be providing each team with passes that can be distributed to parents and family to allow for them to attend, along with at least 1 pass for parents of opposing teams. We will NOT be selling tickets for any contests this Fall, and will not be allowing for walk up attendees either. This is to ensure that our parents and guardians will have access to attend their childrens' games. For safety reasons, we feel strongly that at least one parent should have access to attend in the event of injury to their child. We will also communicate to our teams in advance when opposing teams inform us about the number of visiting spectators they will allow at their venues. Please contact the Athletic Office with any questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as we continue to move forward in these unprecedented times.
    Dr. Moyer
    Athletic Director
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  • New Technology Help Desk Procedures

    (Starting 9/15/2020)

    In order to have a more consistent process for technology issues we will be implementing new procedures starting September 15, 2020.

    The student’s teacher should always be the first line of support for parents in a virtual learning environment. 

    If a child’s teacher can not help resolve simple issues then contact your Building Technology Help line listed below for the repair of the device via our loaner system.

    (The existing 1:1 Help email and Technology Help form will be removed from service on the evening of 9/14.)

    Elementary Center/Cole  610-921-8028 x6220 (New Extension)

    Middle School  610-921-8034 x3131 (Library - Jen Wenzel)

    High School 610-921-8078 x4249

    Pickup/Dropoff Hours 8:00 - 4:00
    Help Desk Hours

    Elementary Center/Cole 8:15 - 3:45
    Middle School 7:30 - 2:45
    High School 7:30 - 2:45

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  • Click here to view a special message from Muhlenberg School District Superintendent Dr. Joseph Macharola on 8-13-2020.  (Spanish Translation)

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  • Click here to view a special message from Muhlenberg School District Superintendent Dr. Joseph Macharola.  (Spanish Translation)

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  • To view a copy of the Muhlenberg School District Health and Safety Pandemic Plan click here

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  • For the latest Muhlenberg School District COVID-19 information click here.

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  • Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Comcast is offering 2 months free to new Internet Essentials customers in response to recent and anticipated emergency measures associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here for more details.

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