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    Welcome to the Muhlenberg School District

    Dear Muhlenberg School District Community Members:

    We are excited and energized for the 2018-2019 school year.  As seasons change with time, we also as human beings change with time.  One item for certain is our commitment to providing quality services for our children. In April of 2014, after careful research and assimilation of qualitative and quantitative data, we presented a holistic plan, our Blueprint for Success.  This visionary template serves as guidance for creating opportunities for our children.  Since 2014, several components of this plan have emerged resulting in programs and activities for our students. Simply, our Blueprint is our cornerstone and it is galvanizing our school system. You will also find Muhlenberg School District's Action Plan was presented publicly in May of 2017.  This concentric and systemic Action Plan will provide pathways of empowerment and operations for our District enterprise. 

    Each parent, guardian and, especially your children who are our students, are our most valuable resources.  Our mission is to educationally empower and model humanistic qualities so our children can experience a meaningful and happy life, even with all of life’s obstacles.  

    Please review the Blueprint and concentric Action Plan for continuous improvement. Your contributions towards this journey are certainly welcome.  

    I wish you the very best within the spirit of the Muhlenberg School District.


    Joseph E. Macharola, Ed D.



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  • This is the MSD Athletic Department with important information concerning the 2018 -2019 Sports Sign ups.

    Sports signups are now taking place on the school district website.  Select the Athletics tab, then Sports sign ups.  If you played a fall sport, click on Winter Recertification Form.  Fill out the form and return to the Athletic Office by October 30th.  If you did not play a fall sport, click on the ‘ You will be asked to create a new profile.  Continue to follow the all the prompts until registration is complete.  Be sure to print out the physical forms, there will be a light blue link (section 5 and 6 only will print). Complete them and bring with you to the sports physical on November 1st, in the High School gym.  Anyone who does not have access to a computer, may use the school computers in the school’s library.  Any questions, please call 610-921-8078, Ext 2.  Thank you

    Instructions for Online Registration

    Anyone who wishes to play a PIAA sport at Muhlenberg must complete the online registration.  

    If you plan on attending the physical provided by Muhlenberg, you must bring the completed paperwork that you printed from the registration (section 5 and 6), along with your $10 cash to the physical.  The physical at Muhlenberg will be held on Thursday, November 1st..  

    If you plan to see your own physician or urgent care, you must take the paperwork that you completed and printed from the registration (section 5 and 6) to your physician or an urgent care to be completed.  The doctor CANNOT date the form prior to October 5, 2018.  Once the paperwork is completed, you will need to turn both forms athletic office PRIOR to November 16, 2018.  

    If you have any questions, please contact the athletic training office 610-921-8078, ext 4285 or athletic office 610-921-8078 ext 2


    Winter sports physicals provided by Muhlenberg are Thursday, November 1, 2018

    The winter sports physicals provided by Muhlenberg, will be held on Thursday, November 1, 2018 in the HS main gym.  Doors close at 7:40PM.  No walk-ins permitted.  Print out physical forms (sections 5 and 6), fill out section 5 (Health History), and bring both sections (5 & 6) along with $10 cash to the physical, at your sports designated time (please see times below).

    Girls Sports:

    5:00pm: High School &Junior High Girls Basketball

    5:20pm: High School Girls Swimming/Diving

    5:40pm: High School Girls Bowling

    5:50pm: High School & Junior High Cheerleading


    Boys Sports:

    6:10pm: High School & Junior High Boys Basketball

    6:30pm: High School Boys Swimming/Diving

    6:50pm: High School Boys Bowling

    7:10pm: High School & Junior High Wrestling

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