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Blackboard/Connect-Ed Calls

If a message is stopping mid-way through, it is probably due to Blackboard's answering machine detection software. Their system is set to detect noise on the other end of the line and pause the message until that noise is no longer detected. The system is set up that way so that if an answering machine picks up, the call will not play out before it can be recorded. Unfortunately, background noise or someone speaking into the receiver can sometimes cause the message to stop and restart. If a recipient would like start the message from the beginning, you can press 1. You can also call the replay line at 1-855-411-0401 to hear the last message that was sent to your phone number. If you are not receiving calls to the correct phone contact your child's school office (K-6) or guidance office (7-12).
If you are not receiving calls you may have opted-out of receiving calls, dial 1-855-502-7867 and follow the menu options to opt-in to receive calls.
If you have recently switched carriers contact your provider and make sure they have activated your phone number for mass notifications messages.