Aubrey Manmiller KG and 3rd Grade School Counselor (610) 921-8028 extension 6113

Individual Counseling

  • I meet with students during weekly check-ins or to support them through life changes or difficult situations. At one time or another, students need a little extra support, which I provide by offering a safe place to share feelings and learn skills to move forward in a healthy way. If you feel that your student would benefit from speaking with me, please reach out directly to me or speak with their teacher. I am always here to support all MEC students!

Small Groups

  • Lunch bunch groups are a great way for students to learn from and support one another. During, lunch bunch groups, we talk, play games, and complete activities to build new skills. Small groups are also offered throughout the year by our liaison through the Caron Foundation. These groups include anger management, stress management, changing families, grief and loss, self control, kids of promise (students impacted by substance abuse), friendship, mindfulness, and resilience.

SEL Classroom Lessons

  • Tier 1 classroom lessons are a great way to teach skills to all students. Social Emotional Learning is a part of the special schedule at MEC. I see my students once a cycle for 40 minutes. Our lessons focus on different themes, such as bullying, coping skills, conflict resolution, and much more. Our school also utilizes a program called Second Step to help students develop the skills they need to connect and thrive. Please look at the attached document under the 'Schedule' tab to see when I have your child's class.

Other Services

    • Member of Multi-Tiered System of Supports Team, meeting with parents and other educators to discuss interventions for children with academic, behavioral and emotional needs

    • Member of Attendance Team, helping families when students' attendance is poor
    • Member of the Student Assistance Elementary Program, guiding children to groups, counseling or other support

    • Create 504 Service Agreements for students who require accommodations during the school day based on the specific needs of the student's disability

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