Fast Facts

  • 610 Sharp Avenue
    Reading, PA 19605
    Main Office Phone: 610-921-8028
    Fax: 610-921-7905

    Mr. Kyle Crater
    Assistant Principal (Blue House)
    Ms. Ginny Hornberger
    Assistant Principal (Gold House)
    Ms. Leila Messinger
    Director of Federal Programs
    Dr. Cathy Shappell
    Director of Special Education
    Dr. Shawn Rutt
    Supervisor of Special Education
    Mrs. Nicole Huntbach
    School Counselors
    Ms. Aubrey Manmiller
    Ms. Jessica Gajewski
    Mr. Tanner Pajakinas
    School Nurse
    Mary Cameron
    School Hours
    9:00 am - 3:10 pm
    Students may enter the building at 8:30 AM.
    Breakfast is served beginning at 8:30am.
    Kindergarten: 11 classrooms
    Grade 1: 11 classrooms
    Grade 2: 11 classrooms
    Grade 3: 11 classrooms

    87 full-time teachers