• There is nothing more important to any of us at Muhlenberg Elementary Center and Muhlenberg School District than the safety of your child(ren).  It is with this safety in mind that MEC has established and strictly enforce our dismissal procedures.
    (Download Dismissal Procedures in English HERE Spanish HERE
    Muhlenberg Elementary Center utilizes three primary procedures to dismiss students from school at the end of the day: (1) student walkers, (2) parent pick-up, and (3) bus students.
    Student Walkers
    PURPOSE - The purpose of having a designated student walker exit and procedure is for those students who live within walking distance of MEC and/or whose parents believe their child is mature, independent and responsible enough to walk home alone and give them permission to do so.
    PROCEDURE - Students will exit the building closest to Sharp Avenue from the doors facing the parking lot.  Please note, for the safety of all children, students who are designated as “walkers” are expected to walk straight home and should not enter any vehicle before arriving safely home.  Any parent wishing to pick their child up by vehicle should follow the MEC Parent Pick-up procedures.  No one should park in the MEC parking lot to pick up students who are designated as Walkers.
    Important Points -
    • Upon dismissal and exiting MEC, student walkers are expected to walk straight home.
    • Students are NOT supervised by school staff once they exit the Walker Exit doors.
    • Student walkers are NOT expected to get into any vehicle before arriving safely home.

    Parent Pick-Up

    PURPOSE—The purpose of having a Parent Pick-up exit and strictly enforced procedures is for the safety of all students and the convenience of those parents who wish to pick their child up from school at the end of the day.
    PROCEDURE - Parents who wish to pick their child(ren) up from school will enter the doors closest to the Muhlenberg Community Library and facing Kutztown Road.
    Parents MUST HAVE the Parent Pick-up card that was provided to them by MEC that matches the Parent Pick-up card of their child. If the card is forgotten or not available, parents will be asked to pick their child up from the front office using photo identification.  Please remember that a student will not be dismissed as a parent pick-up unless the parent has sent a note to the classroom teacher indicating that the child is going to be picked up. 
    Important Points:
    • Parent pick-up cards are required to pick your child(ren) up from the Parent Pick-up exit.
    • Without a Parent Pick-up card, a child must be picked up from the main office with a valid photo ID; Photo ID ensures that the adult picking the child up is on the MEC approved pick-up list.

    Bus Students

    PURPOSE—The purpose of having strict and enforced dismissal procedures for bus students is for the safe, orderly and expedient loading of school buses as they arrive to Muhlenberg Elementary Center.

    PROCEDURE - Students riding home on a school bus are dismissed per the bus arrival times. When bus numbers are called via the public address system, all students scheduled to ride that bus will move from either their classroom or bus room to the bus loading area at the cafeteria/gymnasium entrance.  Arrival times to bus stops may vary due to many variables.

    Important Points:
    • Bussing is a privilege not a right
    • Student behavior on the bus and at teh bus stop directly affects their safety and is therefore treated very seriously.
    • Students must sit in their assigned seat
    • For more information, please see Muhlenberg School Board Policy 3.23, "Student Bus Code."


    If a student is requested to go home differently than usual, parents/guardians must send a note to school with their child or contact the office via fax (610-921-7905) before 2:30 pm.  For security reasons, neither teachers or the office can accept changes in transportation home via phone calls or emails.

    Our Dismissal Procedures can also be downloaded HERE and in Spanish HERE.