Welcome to Technology Integration Coaching - 21st Century Teaching & Learning

  • Meet the Coaches


    Stacy Wiza (MHS, MJHS & Cole)

    Extension x5528 



    Samantha Armstrong (MEC)

    Extension x5505



    Support For: 

    • District and Building Level Initiatives
    • Departments and Grade Level Leaders
    • Certificated Teachers
    • Instructional Assistants


    Topics for Professional Development:

    • Chromebook Use and Deployment Support
    • SMARTBoards and BrightLinks
    • Technology Integration Lesson Planning
    • One-on-One Coaching 
    • Google Suite
    • Differentiation using Technology


    Services Provided

    • Training offered during and/or outside of contract hours in support of district and building initiatives
    • Training offered during common planning and/or department and grade level meetings
    • Training offered during contract day, to include meeting during planning and in-classroom demonstration and support