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    Muhlenberg School District is excited to announce a technology one to one (1:1) Chromebook/iPad program for all students.


    These devices will allow Muhlenberg to advance the education of students and build upon our solid education programs.  Each student will receive a Chromebook computer to be used in the classroom as well as at home for educational purposes. Teachers will use these devices for instruction and assignments and the Chromebooks will become an embedded part of the classroom environment.

    For specific details and more information about the 1:1 program please review the 1:1 Guidlines Manual located in the Documents section of the page.  
    FAQs about the 1:1 distribution  


    Question:  What insurance options are available?
    • Option 1: No upfront fee, first time incident responsible for cost of repair up to $50.00, second incident cost of repair up to $100.00, third incident cost of repair or replacement not to exceed $230.00 for Chromebooks and $342 for iPads.  
    • Option 2: Insurance cost of $10.00 for Chromebooks and $25 for iPads per school year with a $20.00 deductible that covers up the first incident per school year.  The schedule of fees is outlined in the following table:

      Deductible Fee Schedule












      Full cost of repair or replacement of device


      Misuse, Neglect, Intentional Damage, or Loss of Device

      Full cost of repair or replacement of device

    Question: How and when can I pay for the optional insurance for the school year?
    Answer: Insurance must be be purchased by October 1 for devices distributed at the beginning of the school year. Students enrolling during the school year have thirty days from the distribution to purchase insurance. Insurance purchased after device distribution will require inspection of the device for damage before insurance will be issued. Insurance is only valid for the school year in which it is purchased.Only cash or check/money order made payable to “Muhlenberg School District” will be accepted.  We will not be able to accept a credit card payment. 

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