• Berks School Psychologists Association

    The purpose of the Berks School Psychologists Association shall be to bring together school psychologists of Berks County and adjoining areas for the purpose of providing closer professional relationships, and improve school psychology services, and to foster a continuing improvement of sound psychological philosophy and practice in education in order to aide members in making full use of their potentialities in serving society. Any certified school psychologist or school psychology intern working or residing in Berks County or adjoining areas is eligible to become a member of the Berks School Psychology Association.
    President: Samantha Thigpen
    Vice-President: Joie Cogan-Ferchalk
    Treasurer: Christina Marco-Fies
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    September 16
    Octobert 21
    November 18
    December 16
    January 20
    February 17
    March 17
    April 21
    May 19