History of Muhlenberg School District

  • Muhlenberg School District and Muhlenberg Township both are named for the Muhlenberg family of early colonial patriots. Outstanding among them were Henry Melchior Muhlenberg and John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg. At the time when the geographical boundaries of the township were established, the leading local landholder was Heister H. Muhlenberg, a descendant of the colonial family. Muhlenberg School District currently has four educational buildings, a special education/technology office, and a central administration office.

    The Muhlenberg Elementary Center started as the South Temple Elementary School in the 1960s. It later became known as the Muhlenberg Primary School, containing students in grades K-2. In 1996, construction was started to add to the existing building. When the new area was complete, the old building was renovated to form the existing building, containing grades K-4.


    The C.E. Cole Building was built in the 1950s and started as a junior high school and later became an intermediate school. The facility was closed in 1999 when the Elementary Center was completed. In 2008 the school reopened after completing a renovation and additions project for the C. E. Cole Intermediate School for grades 5 and 6. The Muhlenberg Community Library also remains on the site serving the community.


    Muhlenberg Middle School was built in 1924-25 as the Muhlenberg Township High School. In 1951 a new wing was built. A modern addition, first used in March of 1965, contains four science classrooms, a music suite, an auditorium, a lecture hall and a gymnasium. During the 1990-1991 academic year, the 1951 and 1965 additions were renovated. At the same time, a new wing was constructed. During the summer of 1991, the original 1925 and 1930 buildings were removed. In 2000, four classrooms and a band room were added to the building. Recent additions to the Middle School provided a 14 classroom wing. The Middle School includes Grades 7, 8, and 9.


    The Muhlenberg High School opened in 1972. In 2003, the high school underwent major additions and renovations. Additional music, technology education, family consumer science, physical education, and athletic areas were added to the building. Science labs and classrooms were updated to meet modern curricular needs. An in-house Alternative Education Program began in the 2012-13 school year. The High School inlcudes Grades 10, 11, and 12.


    The school district has also recently completed a major athletic facilities upgrade. In the main stadium, the bleachers, lights, and press box were replaced. A field house containing restrooms, a concession stand, and locker rooms was added. The cinder track was replaced by a six-lane, all-weather track. A soccer stadium and softball complex, containing lights and a concession stand with restrooms and a press box, was added. The baseball field was also outfitted with new lighting.

Muhlenberg School District Superintendents

    • Mr. C. E. Cole - 1926-1946
    • Mr. C. S. Crumbling - 1946-1954
    • Dr. John Khouri - 1954-1964
    • Mr. Robert D. Shipe, Jr. - 1964-1965
    • Dr. Charles Wepsic - 1965-1970
    • Mr. Carl A. Strittmatter - 1970-1979
    • Dr. James E. Morrell - 1979-1993
    • Dr. Lynn G. Phillips - 1993-1996
    • Mr. A. Henry Daecher - 1996
    • Dr. Joseph S. Yarworth - 1997-2005
    • Dr. Theresa D. Haught - 2006-2013
    • Dr. Joseph Macharola - 2013 - present