• Classroom Rules are the following:

    1. Be kind, courteous and respectful to the teacher and fellow students.

    2. No food or drink in the classroom.

    3. Leave your area (desk and the surrounding floor) as clean as it was before you came into the room.  Clean up any trash before leaving.

    4. Be prepared for each class.  Students should always bring their binder, writing utensils, books and any other assigned materials to class.



    Classroom Procedures are the following:

    1. Lateness – Students will be marked late if arriving to class after bell with no written excuse from a teacher.

    2. Entering Classroom – NO ONE is to enter the classroom for any reason until the teacher arrives at the classroom. Students should be lined up against the wall closest to the door waiting quietly for me to arrive.

    3. Beginning of Class – Students are to enter the room, immediately sit in seat, and get material ready for class (book, notebook, pencil, etc.) and have homework opened and out on the desk ready for the teacher to check.

    4. Materials – Students are responsible for having appropriate books, at least 2 pens/pencils, eraser, notebook (section in binder) lined loose-leaf paper, planner, and library book.

    5. Student Work – heading on paper (see example in room), legible handwriting, organized materials, may use pen or pencil unless specifically directed by teacher. 

    6. Turning in late work – All late assignments should be placed in the designated bin for late assignments. I will not track you down for missed work.  It is your responsibility to make up missed work. Missed work not handed in on the assigned due date can be handed in within two school days for half credit.

    7. Class time – Student attentiveness is expected during instruction (no talking during teacher explanation, direction, or lecture).  Students may not get up out of seat during teacher instruction.

    8. Seatwork- Students may talk quietly during seatwork activities to nearby students, sharpen pencil, throw paper away, etc.

    9. Group work – Students are expected to cooperate and respect each person in the group. Loud talking, off-task and rude behavior will not be accepted.

    10. What to do when completed with assignment –If a student should finish an assignment early they may read a book, study or work on other assignments.

    11. Dismissing class – Students will be dismissed by the teacher and not the bell. There will be no lining up at the door to exit before the bell. Students will only be dismissed if materials/area are cleaned up and put away.

    12. Bathroom breaks – Students are to come prepared with planner filled in or the request will be denied.

    13. Pencil Sharpener/trash can – Students should sharpen pencil during the first minutes of class or wait until seatwork begins.  IF you should occasionally have a situation where all your pencils have NO points, please quietly ask a neighbor for a pencil. Trash can wait until seatwork begins or hold onto it until the end of class.

    14. Teacher’s Desk- Students must ask us before taking anything from our desks. 

    15. Homework – Students will be responsible for copying all homework assignments in their planner each day.  All homework is to be completed on time, neatly done, completely done or student will receive a zero for HW that day.

    16. Absences- When a student is absent he or she will be responsible for making up missed assignments within three days time, unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. Check with the teacher or other students for missed material.  The teacher will not track you down for missed work.  It is your responsibility to make up missed work.