About Food Services

  • Our Mission

    Our food service department will provide nutritious meals to our students and staff in a courteous and professional manner. We follow the regulations of the National School Lunch Program.

    Our Menu

    We follow a traditional menu with Offer vs Serve. Students are offered daily:

    • 1 Serving of meat or meat alternate
    • 2 Servings of fruits and vegetables
    • 1 Serving of bread or bread alternate
    • 1 Serving of milk

    We encourage students to take at least 3 of these 5 components to qualify as a meal.  One serving of each item is included in the price of the meal.  Ala carte prices will be charged for seperate or individual items.

    Breakfast and Lunch Prices

    Elementary / Intermediate School Student Breakfast - $1.55
    Middle School Student Breakfast - $1.55
    High School Student Breakfast - $1.55
    Student Reduced Breakfast - $.30
    Adult Breakfast - $2.05
    Elementary School Student Lunch - $2.35
    C.E. Cole Student Lunch - $2.35
    Middle School Student Lunch - $2.60
    High School Student Lunch - $2.60 - $2.75
    Student Reduced Lunch - $.40
    Adult Lunch - $3.40

    Free and Reduced Lunch Program

    All School Meals will be served free for all children for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please continue to fill out meal applications for future approval.

    In order to qualify for free and reduced lunches, a new application must be completed each school year. You may file by one of the following ways:

    • Using the link below to a printable application form or
    • Applying on the Internet using COMPASS

    COMPASS allows anyone living in Pennsylvania to apply online for social service programs, such as Food Stamps (FS), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Energy Assistance, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), etc. Families can use COMPASS to apply for free or reduced price school meals only or they can apply for other services at the same time (FS, TANF, etc.)

    The COMPASS web site is www.compass.state.pa.us or pick up a paper application at any of the three schools or the Administration Building.

    Please send the application to:
    Muhlenberg School District
    Food Service Department
    801 Bellevue Avenue
    Reading, Pa. 19605

    NOTE: If your child attends the Vo-Tech School, you must complete two applications, one for Muhlenberg and one for Vo-Tech.

    Point of Sale System

    The District will operate all cashier functions under a computerized Point of Sale System. All students will have individual accounts and will be identified with an identification number and picture.

    Money may be deposited into the student's account. The deposits can be made with a check or cash. Deposits made by check should be for a minimum of $15.00 for paying students and $5.00 for reduced price students. Checks should be made to Muhlenberg School District Cafeteria Account. New this school year, credit card deposits may be made at the www.myschoolbucks.com website. Follow the directions on the website to make a deposit or check your child's cafeteria account balance. When a student's account balance reaches $5.00, he/she will be notified, so another deposit may be made to avoid a zero balance. All payments must be made using a cafeteria envelope. These can be obtained at any school office, cafeteria, or the Administration Building. All deposits must be returned for each student individually to that student's school building.

    Money left over at the end of the school year will be automatically rolled over to the next school year.     



    There is a $20.00 returned check fee, which is payable 30 days from receipt of non sufficient funds notice. The original amount of the check will be deducted from the student's meal account, at notice of non sufficient funds. We will provide an alternate lunch if the student has no means to pay for their meal . If a student has any charges on their account, they may not purchase any ala carte items until all charges are paid in full.


    If we receive two returned checks from the same family, we will only accept cash payments.



    Food Service Personnel

    Carey Kline, Director of Food Service and Nutrition, klinec@muhlsdk12.net
    (610) 921-8000 ext. 3524

    Cathy Salesky, Food Service Clerical Assistant, saleskyc@muhlsdk12.net
    (610) 921-8000 ext. 3514

    Julie Haas, High School Head Cook, haasja@muhlsdk12.net 
    (610) 921-8078 ext. 4284

     Bobilyn Gehris, Middle School Head Cook, gehrisb@muhlsdk12.net
    (610) 921-8034 ext. 3243

    Sherry Hoffman, Elementary and Intermediate School Head Cook, hoffmans@muhlsdk12.net
    (610) 921-8028 ext. 6114

Food Services Forms