• The Muhlenberg Middle School is a learning community consisting of more than 950 students who are supported by over 90 staff members. Our school is very proud of our excellence and high standards in academics, athletic programs, and performing arts.

    The building is organized into two teams for 7th and 8th each grade. Each team is comprised of approximately 150 students. The concept of teaming gives teachers the ability to work collaboratively to meet the needs of the students. The core team of teachers delivers instruction in math, science, communications and social studies. Over the course of the students' three years at the middle school, they will also receive instruction in art, music, languages, physical education, library skills, study skills, computers, technology education, family consumer science, and health.  Through the implementation of numerous student support services and a varied co-curricular program, all students are encouraged to achieve success.
    At the middle school, our day begins with an intervention class where students have the opportunity to receive support from a teacher, work on assignments, attend club meetings, or participate in band and chorus rehearsal.  The middle school follows a six-day cycle schedule, made up of seven, 46 minute periods. During the day students meet with core teachers (communications, science, social studies, and math) and on specific days they may meet with a variety of creative art teachers (languages, art, music, technical education, family consumer science, computer, study skills, physical education, health and library skills). The middle school has a full-time English Language Learner teacher who instructs, tests and, creates schedules for limited or non-English speaking students. In addition, gifted and special education services are provided for students in need of individualized supports.
    Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. PIAA-sponsored sports, intramurals, band, chorus, AV, Math Counts, Youth Volunteer club, yearbook, and student council are all available. 
    Recently, the middle school has been recognized in Berks County competitions and state competitions for a number of awards, including Science Fair, Reading Olympics, MathCounts, poetry and computer, STEM.
    Safety is of utmost importance to everyone at Muhlenberg Middle School. Provisions have been made by the administration and the board to provide our building with state-of-the-art equipment and training. In addition, the administration is supportive when disciplinary issues need to be addressed.
    The middle school programs have been designed to meet the academic and social needs of our students. Our team of teachers, counselors, Instructional Support Team and Student Assistance Program team members work collaboratively with administrators to offer support to students and provide parents the opportunity to meet and discuss their social or academic concerns.
    The administrators are always willing to meet with you. Please contact us with any concerns or questions.


    With best regards,
    Mr. Jeffery A. Ebert, Principal