Late Work Policy 

    What happens if…..

    I don’t do a homework assignment?

    ·        You MUST do this work during Power Period or on your own.

          What will my grade be?

    ·        Half credit if it is submitted within 48 hours/2 school days.

    ·        More than two days? The assignment must still be done but the grade earned will only be a “1” meaning that it has been done. 

          Why must I still do it?

    ·        Because the learning of this information is important for future assignments and assessments!


    What happens if….

          I don’t do a long term (formative OR summative) assessment such as a take- home test,project, essay etc.?

    ·        You will get 10% deducted (from the grade you earned) per day it is late!

    Retest Policy

    The Muhlenberg Middle School retest policy will be used in my American Cultures class.  Students who score below a 63%, and only students who score below a 63%, will be required to retest withing 2-3 school days of getting their test score.  Students who are retesting during class time will be responsible for making up any work they missed while retesting.  Students can request to complete the retest during intervention if they so choose.

      Testing Policy
     All exams must be completed during the time alotted by the instructor.  Any portions of the exam not completed will result in that portion being marked incorrect unless extenuating circumstances are present and are discussed and approved by the teacher.  All students are required to have their materials, especially a #2 pencil, and anything else needed for the exam.  Failure to come prepared may result in a penalty of 10% being deducted from the assessment.
     Plagiarism/Cheating Policy
     Plagiarism or cheating of any kind will result in a zero grade for the whole exam, project or any other kind of assessment.