• Covid-19 Virtual Education Information

    Offic Hours: April 9-16, Monday-Friday, 1-2pm. At that time you can expect a quick reply.

    Ways to communicate: ClassDojo, fredericke@muhlsdk12.net, fredericke@mail.muhlsdk12.org, google classroom. (Zoom, by teacher or student request only) 

    • Reply time may be slower when emailed or messaged during non office hours.

    Internet/Art Supplies: If you have no internet please let me know asap so we can send the assignments to the school office for pick up. No supplies? No problem. Dont worry abou it!

    Lesson information each week will be posted on google classroom by Thursday at 9AM.

    • 7th grade google classroom codes:    Period 3= sx5iebc,    Period 5= ocagotv,     Period 6= xibky4n,    Period 8= qy6d5lm
    • 9th grade google classroom code:     mmqisal

    Attendance: Students, please communictate with the teacher if you are confused, stuck or need help on an assignemt. Submitting the assignment on time = good attencance. Communicating with the teacher = good attendance. 

    Grades: Will be posted the Friday after the assignment was due.

    ClassDojo: I will be inviting all parents to class dojo though email by Friday April 10th. I will be recording if your child has submitted work or contacted the teacher there. 



    Welcome to Middle School Art!

    The purpose of the middle school art program is to enable each individual to realize and maintain his/her full potential. Art Education is a social, intellectual, and physical discipline. Art specifically involves the development of each individual's aptitude, understanding, and appreciation of life and art. It serves as an essential element to the development process. 

    The visual arts programs at the Middle School provides the opportunity for each individual to develop a comprehensive foundation of basic knowledge, skills, and techniques related to the fine arts. The program also provides a vehicle by which students can grow as individuals.


    Check out the google photos folder of 7th grade art and art class happenings! Updated bi-weekly in the link below:

    7th Grade   7th Grade   7th Grade   Pop Art