• Extra Credit Options

    Students may do two of the following extra credit projects each quarter to earn bonus points to boost their grade.  Extra credit assignments are not mandatory and must be done in the correct format with all requirements met to receive any extra points. 
    Local History Extra Credit Option

       For extra credit students may do the following extra credit assignment for up to 15 points one time per quarter. A one paragraph (6-8 sentence) essay should be handed in describing the historical significance of a historical site in the state of Pennsylvania. Along with the one paragraph essay a brochure must also be handed in to prove that the student was at the physical site. All historical locations not specifically listed on this website must be approved by the teacher prior to starting the assignment if the student wants to receive credit.


    Locations for this assignment include but are not limited to the following:


    Points awarded will be determined by how well the essay covers the importance of the site to both Pennsylvania and U.S. history. Essays with excessive amounts of grammar mistakes or essays not written in a formal matter will not be accepted.


    Historical Memes Extra Credit Opportunity
          This activity is designed to be an easy yet thought provoking way to earn extra credit towards your American Cultures 9 grade. One meme can be created per quarter for up to 10 extra credit points.  Please follow all directions and details on the instructional PowerPoint provided below.  Make sure the meme is appropriate and is not offensive to anyone.  All memes must be cleared by the teacher prior to displaying or receiving extra credit points.  Feel free to use any web based software for your assignment.