Blue Wave: Steel Drum Band

  • Many French emigrated to Trinidad and Tobago after the French Revolution of 1789. With them came the celebration of Carnivale. Due to a variety of bans on things like stick fighting martial arts and African Percussion Music during the turn of 1900, the people developed a form of music in which they played on frying pans, bins, and oil drums. This evolved into the tuned Steel Pans that folks are used to hearing today. 

    In steel drum class, students will not only learn a bit about the history of steel pans, but through rote and written musical instruction, students will learn how to play music on these amazing instruments. Over the course of the year, students will develop techniques on the instrument as well as fine tune their group collaboration skills. Students will have the chance to play on all six sizes of steel pans. The class will then get to show off some of their work at both the Musical Festival in March and the Spring Concert in May. To help better utilize the instruments, there is also a steel pan band club that meets after school. The Blue Wave has several performance opportunities both in and out of school. 

    Steel Drums are a way to allow more students to have a genuine and meaningful musical experience while still in high school. All students are welcome as the course starts at the beginning and music literacy is taught as part of the course. 

Steel Pans