• MHS Blue Band

  • Music is in all of our daily lives. For many professional musicians, it all began in band during their school years. For many adults, some of their fondest memories of school revolve around the friends they met while playing in the school band. Being a student in the Blue Band means that there is always a place where one belongs and can be a part of a whole. Being in the band helps students find a release from the daily struggles of life. A students can learn to express themselves in a healthy way when they learn to harness the knowledge of music. 

    The flagship of an apex music program should be the concert band. The concert band is the ensemble in which all students take the time to develop ability, technique, teamwork, a sense of price, and most importantly self-discipline. Concert band turns students into musicians, but more importantly, learning to be a musician will make a person a better human being. Students in Blue Band are also able to try out for both County and District band. Many students who are accepted into District band are able to audition for both Region and State band. 

    Band is an activity that accepts all students and in turn helps those folks turn into the better people who will help lead tomorrow.

  • I am very sorry to let all of you know that at the moment, but due to the Covid pandemic, district band will not occur. However, there is a chance that we may have a county honors program. Please stay tuned for information. At the earliest, we'll know about counties in late October.