• Attendance


    Regular school attendance in each class is important for continuity. On the first day of school you will be issued two excuse blanks. Should an absence occur, bring the excuse blank completed in ink by your parent to the main office and drop it off in the excuse note box. Students are not allowed to sign their own excuse blanks regardless of age. If the excuse is not presented by the third day, at the discretion of the administration, the absence will be marked unexcused or unlawful according to compulsory attendance laws. When a student receives three unlawful absences, parents will receive a First Notice/First Offense letter. With five (or more) unlawful absences, parents may receive a citation (court fine). If a student is absent more than 10 days in one school year, the parents may receive an Excessive Absence letter. All excuses after that must be accompanied by a doctor's note so the absence will not be marked unexcused or unlawful. If you have been absent three or more consecutive days, you must also turn in a doctor's note. To avoid unnecessary excessive absence letters, students who visit a doctor during any absence should bring a note from the doctor. Whenever you are not at school, have a parent/guardian phone the school office by 9 a.m. to tell us of your absence. If no telephone calls are received, the school may call your home or your parent or guardian at work to verify your absence. Absent to the end of 5th period constitutes a half day. 

    Early Dismissal

    If you must be excused early, you must bring a written request from your parents. You may not leave the school grounds at any time school is in session without permission from school officials.

    Educational or Excused Trips

    At least one week before an educational trip or college visitation, you must fill out an educational trip request form from your parents. This must be turned in to the office and will be approved by the building principal.

    Sign-out Sheet

    A sign-out sheet is in the main office for any student who must leave school early or when excused by the nurse because of illness. Parents or other adults should come in and sign the student out.


    Students who arrive late to school must report to the late-to-school desk. Students will be responsible for providing documentation to support legitimate reason for being tardy (e.g. doctor's appointment). A pass will be given indicating an unexcused or excused tardy and the student will report to their first period class. The administrator will assign the consequences for accumulated tardies at their discretion. If you are late between classes because of your own actions, you are to report to class. Your subject teacher will note the lateness in the grade book and mark you tardy in the computer system. Students arriving late for school at any other time are required to report to the office to sign in. Absent to the end of 5th period constitutes a half-day. 

    Number of tardies
    1 detention
    2 detentions/activity restriction
    3 detentions/activity removal/loss of prom privilege 
    4 detentions-activity removal
    5 detentions-activity removal