7th Grade


    Seventh grade science is the first year of secondary science, in which students concentrate on one area of science for the entire year. Seventh grade is Life Science, which emphasizes a variety of topics in biology. These include the scientific method, living things, heredity, classification, the six kingdoms, and ecology. The teaching of these topics is enhanced with demonstrations, experiments and films.



    8th Grade


    This course is designed to develop an appreciation for the planet Earth using critical and scientific thought and expression to help understand the complexities of its materials, structure, processes, history, and relationships in space. An attempt is made to create an awareness of the Earth and its environment and the interaction with man through lab investigations and self-study in a course combining the fields of geology, oceanography, astronomy, and meteorology. Students will learn about rocks, minerals, oceans, stars, and weather and how man interacts with these materials and phenomena.


    * 8th Grade Science Fair Information