C. E. Cole Intermediate Art Program

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    In this course students explore the world of art by looking at, talking about, and creating different styles and varieties of art forms, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, design, as well as many other creative endeavors. Through discussions and observations of art from around the world and throughout time, our students gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the many different varieties of creations.  This intermediate art program is designed to help students gain an appreciation for art, an understanding of the processes that go into art production, as well as recognition of the important role art plays in individual lives, as well as the lives of others.  Through participation in this art program students gain problem solving and critical thinking skills in an encouraging environment that inspires them to create original creative works.

    The curriculum of the C. E. Cole art program focuses our attention on three different areas of art.  Each year the curriculum changes theme based on these three different essential aspects of art education.  The categories are Western Art History, Multicultural Art, and Contemporary Art and design.  Through using these themes to guide curriculum, students integrate the art elements, which they learned in elementary school, with the principles of design, which they will be introduced to throughout their three years in the program. In order to have a comprehensive understanding for art, this program also uses the four art disciplines within each of our lessons, which allows the students to look at the Historical, Critical, and Aesthetic value of the artwork. Also our students gain inspiration to create original artwork based on common themes found that exemplify the true creative nature of humanity