A Letter from the Principal

  • Welcome to the C.E. Cole homepage! 

    We are extremely proud that effective with this past 2018-2019 school year, we added fourth grade to our school and rosters.  C.E. Cole is now a true intermediate school with fourth, fifth and sixth grades.  This change will help address growing enrollment here at Muhlenberg and offer our students with new opportunities. 

    C.E. Cole is a fully-engaged, 1:1 technology school.  What that means is that every student in our school is assigned to a Chromebook and has access to it throughout the day and all academic classes.  That is great!

    My personal promise to parents is that "all students must love coming to school."  We work hard every day to ensure this.  If any child does not like coming to school, we will work tirelessly to change that.

    These are just a few of things that is reflective of the commitment of C.E. Cole and Muhlenberg School District has to our students and our teachers.  We want our students to be successful and adequately prepared for the 21st Century and we want our teachers to have the tools and resources to take them there.  The only other remaining part of that system is you--our family and community support.  Together and with the right tools and resources, the children of Muhlenberg have endless opportunities.  Thank you for your continued commitment and support!

    If you ever have any questions or need anything, please let us know.  We can be contacted at 610-921-8212 or at cecole@muhlsdk12.org.  You can also stay stay abreast of recent updates and news by following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/muhlcecole


    Thank you very much! 

    Steve Baylor

    Principal, C.E. Cole Intermediate School


    If your child, or a child you know, is being bullied at C.E. Cole, report it immediately to: stopbullying@muhlsdk12.net