School Counseling Department

  •  Updated 2022-2023:

    Timothy Klawiter - Grade 6 Counselor

    Contact: 610-921-8212, ext. 2006


    Jessica Siegfried - Grade 5 Counselor

    Contact: 610-921-8212, ext. 2008


    Penny Vojtasek - Grade 4 Counselor

    Contact: 610-921-8212, ext. 2004








    Report any bullying at C.E. Cole to:

    Muhlenberg Counseling Department Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Muhlenberg School District’s Counseling Department is to promote the personal and social development, academic success, and career exploration of all students through the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders including students, parent/guardians, school personnel, and community members. The Counseling Department is devoted to creating and maintaining a positive, safe environment for students where they can build a foundation of life-long learning, good citizenship, respect for self and others, and enthusiasm for achieving their highest potential by equipping, engaging, and empowering our students to be contributing members of our ever-changing society.