• Curriculum Overview

    Discovery in Studio Arts is a ninth grade art elective in which students are engaged in an exploration of media and a variety of techniques and styles from a historical standpoint.  This year long course focuses on approaches to design which implement both the elements and principles of art as well as allow students many opportunities to explore different studio practices and media. Throughout this course, students are introduced to key characteristics of Ancient art from different time periods within the early stages of Western Art History. Students will examine these key characteristics and their relationships to modern and contemporary art. Students will apply knowledge and understanding of historical characteristics through the application of the design processes. They will then create their own original artwork based on the characteristic, techniques, media, and subject matter studied.


             Studio Experience

    - Class meets every day for a full year!

    - Explore projects in a variety of mediums; drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, and more

    - Critical thinking, problem solving and innovation to design are emphasized

    - Sketchbooks are used as a space for students to experiment with materials, sketch out ideas, and reflect on their projects. There will also be weekly sketchbook assignments which are for a grade