Muhlenberg Junior High School

    Math Class Policies

    Miss Keller


    Attendance: Be on time to class, sit in your assigned seat, and follow the directions on the board.  If you miss class for any reason, all assessments and assignments must be made up within 3 school days.  The assignment that was due on the day of your absence is due on the day you return.


    Grades: Your grade will be calculated based on total points.


    Re-Take Policy: 62% or below:   students must retake the assessment

    63% - 69%:   students have the option to retake the assessment

    If a student re-takes a test, the score will be no higher than a 70%.  


    Classwork/Homework: Classwork/Homework will be assigned most days and is to be completed by the following day.  Most assignments will be done online.  Every homework assignment will be checked for a grade.  You will receive full credit for earning 70% or higher, half credit for turning it in late with 70% or higher, and no credit for an incomplete.


    Calculators: It is important that all students have a scientific calculator (there is an online calculator in google classroom they can use).  


    Materials Needed: Please bring your chromebook, a pencil, an eraser, and earbuds to class every day.  Your workbooks will be provided.  


    Questions: Most importantly, ASK questions.  If there is anything that is not clear or that needs further explanation, immediately raise your hand and let me know.  Most likely, several of your classmates will have the same question and be glad that you asked.  If you know the answer to a classmate’s question, please be patient and courteous.  If you need extra help, please let me know so that we can arrange a time.

    PARENTS/GUARDIANS: I encourage open communication between us throughout the school year.  If any questions or problems arise, please do not hesitate to call (610-921-8034 x3230) or email (kellera@muhlsdk12.net).