• Welcome to 8th Grade Technology Education!

              In 8th grade we build upon hands on design skills and apply them to a new set of tools, processes and materials. We start off the semester by looking at how to effectively measure to the 16th of an inch. From there, we start an extensive safety course where students learn the ins and outs of the tools and machines in the wood workshop that they will be using throughout the year. After a safety test on each machine, students will personally use the workshop to design their own working wooden clock. Each clock is personalized with a student chosen carving and paint job. After the Clock Project, which takes the first half of the year, the students will propose a design project of their own. They will use their knowledge of the tools in the wood workshop to research, design and develop their own product using the Engineering Design Process. Some projects done in the past have been: a Phone Stand, Wall Decoration, Marble Roller Coster, Rube Goldberg Machine and many more! I look forward to having a fantastic year designing and making creative projects.

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