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    In compliance with state law, the Muhlenberg School District provides services designed to meet the unique needs of gifted students. The Muhlenberg School District identifies "gifted" students on a case-by-case basis based on state law and District policy. Such students may possess superior IQ scores or meet multiple criteria indicating gifted ability. If your child is suspected to be in need of such services, you will be notified of evaluation procedures. If you believe your school-age child may qualify for gifted education services, you may contact the District at any time to request a determination of eligibility. 
    The MSD offers gifted students enrichment, acceleration, and a combination of both. Options at all grade levels are based on research and best practice using state test scores, aptitude tests, teacher referrals, student grades, parent requests, and team meeting recommendations. Enrichment and/or acceleration is then completed by ability grouping, subject enrichment, differentiated curriculum, career enrichment, further in-depth learning and investigation with instruction adapted, modified, or replaced to meet individual needs, as well as subject and/or grade acceleration, appropriate for student needs.

    Please see me for information on the following:

    Olympic Readers Club 9-12 (and Reading Olympics Competition)
    World Affairs Council Speakers and Lunch-ins  (Second Wednesday of the month at HS level only)
    World Quest (9-12)
    SWEN newsletter
    Gifted Mentor Program (grades 3-12)
    I can be reached at ext 3150 / 4182 or by email (best way since I travel between buildings) at SearfossJ@muhlsdk12.net
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