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Act 39 of 2018 - Water Testing 2019-20

Water Testing

Act 39 of 2018 adds a new Section 742 to the school code that relates to lead testing of drinking water in schools. Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year and every year thereafter, schools may test for lead levels in the drinking water. If the test reveals lead levels exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s national primary drinking water regulations, the school must implement a remediation plan to ensure student safety. Lead testing is not required by this new section of the code. However, schools electing to not test for lead in their drinking water must, instead, “discuss lead issues in the school facilities” at a public meeting. In the best interest of the safety of our students and staff, Muhlenberg School District has chosen to conduct lead water testing in each of our schools.

For the 2019-2020 School Year, tests were conducted at the Muhlenberg High School (14 samples), Muhlenberg Middle School (12 samples), C.E. Cole Intermediate School (5 samples), and Muhlenberg Elementary Center (9 samples). Of the original 40 samples, 1 sample came back with a higher level than acceptable content of lead. This location was the Kettle Faucet in the Middle School Kitchen. Short-term remediation included thorough flushing of the water line and faucet before use. Long-term remediation included the replacement of the faucet, a section of the water line, and a second faucet (which initially tested ok) because it was on the same water line. Follow-up samples were taken from these two replacement faucets at the Middle School Kitchen and tested. These two locations now show water that is safe for potable use. Muhlenberg School District will repeat this testing procedure each school year going forward. The certified test results from each school are posted below.     


Water Testing Results