• Welcome To Mista Sisk's Teacher Page
    I hope all of you and your families are doing well.  I would like to welcome everyone to this 2020-2021 school year.  Let me begin by saying We will make this work, Togehter.  I have a few simple requests:  1.  Be patient- things are constantly changing and technology is never a sure thing- We will make it work, Together.  2.  Be respectful- To myself and each other. 3. Be Present- For any of this to work you need to be here, understanding that things come up and sometimes you just can't WE will make it work.  4. I ask for your VERY best effort on everthing that you are ask to do.  Please reread the previous statement.  Focus on the word YOUR.  I want Your best effort not someone elses.  I will view copying as a sign of disrespect to Myself, but to you as well.  Please don't take the easy way out!  If we can abide by these requests the year, although different will be an outstanding one for all of us.