• Welcome to 8th and 9th Grade Math!

    In 8th Grade Algebra I Honors, we will focus on preparing for the Keystone Algebra I test, along with the 8th Grade PSSA test.  This year, the Algebra I classes will be using Pearson enVisions curriculum for 8th grade and Algebra 1.  We will learn the basics of Algebra as well as some geometry and statistics.
    In 9th Grade Advanced Algebra 1/Geometry, we will focus on reinforcing and strengthening our Algebra skills as well as learning to apply new content.  We will also be flexible and prepare for the Algebra 1 Keystones as more information is released.
    A big focus in my classroom is Growth Mindset!  It is important to always try your best and continue working through difficult material.  
    We will use Pearson's enVisions as our main resource this year!  Pearson was bought by Savvas Learning, so the name has changed!  This program comes with an online component found at savvaseasybridge.com.  We will also use Delta Math for practice assignments.  Other resources we frequently use include Desmos, Quizizz, Quizlet, and Blooket.
    More information can be found on your GoogleClassroom.  All students have been invited to their class.  

    My Virtual Classroom