• Welcome to 8th Grade Math!


    In 8th Grade Math, you will learn the basics of Algebra, including solving, writing, and graphing equations and solving systems of equations.  We focus on preparing for the 8th Grade PSSA test, which also includes number sense, problem solving, geometric transformations, bivariate data, and Pythagorean Theorem. 
    In Algebra I Honors, we will focus on preparing for the Keystone Algebra I test, along with the 8th Grade PSSA test.
    This year, the Algebra I classes will be using Interactive Notebooks.  By the end of the year, each student will have a "toolbox" that can continue to be used as a reference for "All Things Algebra"!  
    A big focus in my classroom is Growth Mindset!  It is important to always try your best and continue working through difficult material.  
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    We will use Pearson's enVisions as our main resource this year!  This program comes with an online component found at pearsonrealize.com.
    To see assignments, find the Homework GoogleDoc for 8th Grade!