• Hello!  My name is Ms. Jen McLaughlin, and I am currently the 9th grade school counselor at Muhlenberg Middle School.
    I am truly enjoying getting to know the amazing students in the Class of 2024 at MMS . . . it's so hard to believe that they are all 9th graders already!!  FRESHMEN!  The best part of my job is getting to know their unique personalities and interests . . . little by little I am getting to know them as individuals.  This year will FLY, so let's continue to work together to make this last year at the Middle School the best one yet with LOTS of success!
    I continue to welcome your participation in the growth of your child here at MMS.  Please always feel free to reach out if you feel I can assist you and your child in any way.  I feel I have been given a GIFT to be working with the students in Muhlenberg's Class of 2024 . . .
    My contact information:
    phone  610-921-8034, ext. 3511
    I am looking forward to another great (although UNUSUAL!) year at MMS!