• Hello!  Welcome to Engineering - the online edition!  :)

    Class Expectations:

    • Go to Canvas for all assignment information - https://muhlsd.instructure.com/
    • I will post one new activity every Thursday on Canvas.
    • You are expected to complete each assignment by the following Thursday.
      • You will be graded on your assignments.
    • You must be in contact with me at least once a week for attendance purposes.
      • When you submit your weekly assignment, I will mark you present for the week.
    • If you need help, please contact me using Google email.
    • Check your Google email regularly in case of new information.
    • Don't worry, I promise the assignments won't be too painful.  Just try your best and we'll get through this together.  :)

    Contact Info:  You can contact me using Google email.  Click on Compose and type Denise Stumpf or stumpfd@muhlsdk12.net to start your email.

    Virtual Office Hours:  If you need help with any of the lessons, I will be checking my Google email throughout the day.  I will also be online daily between 10:00 am - 11:00 am.