• WONDERS and WONDERWORKS (Core Reading Instruction and Additional Support) - follow as indicated below:


    1. Weekly Concept and Essential Question - The Keys to Unlock the Weeknd (Reading/Writing Workshop)

    2. Teach and Model - Rich Opportunities for Collaborative Conversations (Reading/Writing Workshop)

    3. Practice and Apply - Close Reading, Writing to Sources,Grammar, Spelling, and Phonics (Literature Anthology)

    4. Differentiate to Accelerate - Move students ahead as soon  as they're ready (Nonfiction Leveled Readers and Fiction Leveled Readers)

    5. Foundational Skills - Build phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition and fluency (Decodable Readers. Reading/Writing Workshop, Visual Vocabulary Cards, Retelling Cards)

    6. Assess - Specific skills and standards for every student, assignment, and class (Weekly, Unit, Benchmark Assessments)