• Student Expectations

    My goal is to help every child succeed.  Therefore, students are expected to work to the best of their abilities.  I teach students to embrace mistakes in the art classroom and to learn from mistakes.  I encourage every child to be fearless in the art room and to work to their full potential.
    Student grades are based on the following:
    creativity-  Students are expected to follow the directions on projects, but to also add their personal skills, ideas, and knowledge into their unique work of art.
    participation/behavior-  Students are expected to offer comments and ideas during discussions.  Every student is encourage to always try and do their best.  Positive attitudes are praised within the art classroom.
    craftsmanship-  Students are expected to apply the skills they are learning to the best of their ability within each art lesson. 
    lesson objectives-  Students are expected to follow and meet the lesson objectives within each art project and are encouraged to go beyond the objectives.
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  • Volunteers

    If you are interested in helping in the art classroom by removing or setting up art displays within the school, please contact me and let me know.  I am always looking for extra hands to help in any way possible.  Volunteers for the annual art show setup and removal are always especially needed during the months of April and May.   Volunteers will need to complete the following clearances:
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