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Course Syllabus

During the school year, all students will be working on vocabulary, reading fluency, study skills and reading for information through utilizing questioning and comprehension strategies. Students will learn how to apply the skills they have learned in order to prepare for post high-school experiences, whether it be the working world or post-secondary education. Please review the Reading Syllabus for more information.    


Reading Course Syllabus

Ms. Frederick, Room A-126

Course Description: This class is designed to increase and remediate the students’ reading, writing and speaking skills through direct instruction in key components of reading (decoding, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension) to better prepare you for the Keystone assessments, employment, college and independent living. Students will learn how to make connections when reading text to the elements of the content. They will also learn to interpret informational text and respond to it in order to communicate their understanding.

Coursework: The students will receive instruction in the following areas: Decoding, Vocabulary Comprehension, Fluency, Current Events, Independent Reading and in some cases, Keystone Assessment Preparation. Students will be evaluated based on their performance on class work, homework (when not completed during class time), assessments, project-based learning and participation.

Required Supplies: writing utensil, chromebook, assigned textbooks

Grading Policy: Any student who skips a homework assignment or scores a zero must complete/redo that assignment the following day or will be assigned MUHLtime Homeroom in the Reading classroom until it is complete. Students will be expected to report to Reading class during MUHLtime Homeroom until that homework assignment is satisfactorily completed. If the assignment is satisfactorily completed and turned in the day after it is due, 100% of the earned points will be given. Each day thereafter, 10% will be dropped. If it is turned in more than one week late, the score for the assignment will be a “1” for “done.”

Re-Do Policy: Any student who earns less than a 70% on a summative quiz MUST redo assessment within one week’s time. The student will receive an average of the two assessment grades with a maximum grade of 75%. Please refer to the example below:

(example 1)   Original Assessment = 30% + Redo Assessment = 80%

                                                 *New Grade = 55% (Average)

(example 2)   Original Assessment = 60% + Redo Assessment = 100%                                         

         *New Grade = 75% (Maximum)

Late Policy: Any student who comes into class after the bell has rung and after the teacher has closed the classroom door will be considered late to class. Late arrivals will be reported to the office and consequences (typically detention) will be dealt with by administration. Consequences could include detention, loss of privileges and/or an inability to attend school activities. If there is an issue with getting to class on-time, students should see their teacher with concerns so that instruction is not being missed.

Cell Phone Policy: There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for Cell Phone use in the classroom. If there is an emergency, students may go to the office, parents may call the school or students may wait in between the change of classes to text/call. Cell phones will be turned into a secure location in the classroom in the beginning of class and returned at the end of class. A class period is only 40 minutes long and is expected to be utilized for educational purposes, not discussion or argument about cell phone use.

Absence Policy: It is the responsibility of the student to see the teacher in regards to missed work. All missed assignments and assessments will be able to be made up in no more than 3 days from the final date of school in which the student was absent. Please see Ms. Frederick with additional questions or if help is needed. Announced tests will be made up immediately upon the student’s return.

Virtual Instruction: In the event that classes must be virtual for safety reasons, students should adhere to the virtual learning guidelines in order to maintain a respectful and organized learning environment. Students should follow the general rules of digital citizenship as they have been required in the past to ensure a safe, healthy and enriching virtual classroom. Here are some guidelines if there is a need for virtual instruction: 

1.) Log into your Google Classroom or Zoom Meeting on time.

2.) Follow the School Dress Code (can be found in the MSD High School Handbook).

3.) Use appropriate and respectful language when communicating.

4.) Keep your device camera on during live instruction.

5.) Adhere to a professional standard of behavior.

6.) Complete your own work. 

7.) Put forth your best effort.

Virtual Instruction Attendance: Students are expected to login to this class daily at their scheduled time for instruction. If there are alternate instrucions for a day's instructional lesson, they will come from your teacher beforehand. You will be counted as "present" in the attendance system if you are logging in on time. If you arrive tardy, you will be marked as such in the attendance system. Think of it as if you were physically in school in person. If you arrive on time, you are marked "present," if you arrive late, you are marked "tardy" with the time of arrival indicated. If you are not in attendance, you will be marked absent in the system. Please be on time and ready to get started. Below is the bell schedule for your reference:

Bell Schedule for  Muhlenberg High School

       Morning Periods

Period 1 → 7:40 - 8:20 AM

Period 2 → 8:28 - 9:08 AM

Homeroom/Muhltime → 9:12 - 9:42 AM

Period 4 → 9:46 - 10:26 AM

Period 5 → 10:30 - 11:10 AM

Lunch A - Sixth Period

Lunch (6th period) → 11:14 - 11:44 AM

Period 7/8 → 11:48 - 12:28 PM

Period 9/10 → 12:32 - 1:12 PM

Lunch B - Eighth Period

Period 6/7 → 11:14 - 11:54 AM

Lunch (8th period) → 11:58 - 12:28 PM

Period 9/10 → 12:32 - 1:12 PM

Lunch C - Tenth Period

Period 6/7 → 11:14 - 11:54 AM

Period 8/9 → 11:58 - 12:38 PM

Lunch (10th period) → 12:42 - 1:12 PM

        Afternoon Periods

Period 11 → 1:16 - 1:56 PM

Period 12 → 2:00 - 2:40 PM