• Dear Parents,


    We are excited to be using the math program this year, enVision Math.  Your child will have an online account that he/she will be using here at school, but may also access at home.  Their workbook can be found on this site along with helpful videos, practice work, manipulative, and more.  Your child will be given this information and asked to tape it into their planner.  If for some reason you child misplaces this information, below you will see how this information is gathered and you can follow the examples with your child's information.


    Mrs. May


    Directions on accessing enVision Math Program


    1. Website:  https://www.pearsonrealize.com

    2. Click on Sign in

        Sign in - (each student's Username is made up of the first 3 letters of their FIRST name and the first 3 letters of their

         LAST name with the number 24 at the end.)     Username: first 3 letters, last 3 letters, followed by the number 24.                        EXAMPLE:  Student's Name:  James Hudson                                      Sign In:  Jamhud24                

         Password: (each student's Password is made up of their lunchnumber and their graduation year, 201

                        EXAMPLE:  Lunch number 2025

                                        Password: 234582025

    3.  From there you will look for the correct chapter and lesson.