Muhlenberg High School Physical Education Department

    WELLNESS Education Syllabus

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    Class Rules

    Cell Phones- Cell phones will NOT be permitted during any Wellness Class.  Cell phones should be “locked” in a locker or given to Wellness teacher.

    Uniform- Black or Blue Shorts.  Students may also wear black or blue sweatpants or yoga pants.  NO Tights!  White or grey t-shirt.  Athletic sneakers are also necessary to participate safely in class. 

    Locker Room- Please lock all of your valuables in your locker or put them in the PE teacher’s office.

    Grading- 100 points are available daily: 25 points for warm-ups and 75 points for class activity.   Activity points vary depending on the specific class and expectations of that class.  Students will lose points for the wrong uniform and lack of class effort.  Minus 25 points for not having sneakers; minus 50 points for not having appropriate uniform; minus 25 points for being tardy to class and/or missing any of the warm-up.  Students will be graded on active participation in class.  Students, who are absent from a class, will make up class during study hall or when the fitness room is open after school.  Students are allotted three excused classes per quarter that they do not need to make up.  These excused classes include legal school absences, sectional rehearsals and early dismissals. 

    Tardy- Tardy to class is determined by when a student gets to the line for warm-ups.  Warm-up times are be posted in the gym and are always 5 minutes after the late bell rings.  Tardy to warm-ups results in loss of 25 points and a discipline write up.

    Medical Excuses- Students must complete written assignments when they have a medical excuse.   Assignments MUST BE completed during the Wellness class period and submitted through google classroom before the end of that class period.  If possible, to avoid doing written assignments, students should have the doctor write not only what they cannot do but also what they can do on the medical excuse form.  EX- If you break your ankle.  Have the Dr. write no lower body exercises can do upper body.  Students will then be able to participate in appropriate activities. 



    Wellness Education Quarter Choices


     Students will be able to select from a variety of activities during each of the four quarters of the school year.

     Health components are taught to all students throughout all four quarters.

    The following are activity options available during the school year.


    Intro to Wellness (1st Quarter only) - All students planning to participate in Strength and Conditioning, who have not previously taken it, must select Intro to Wellness 1st Quarter. 

    Strength and Conditioning (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarter) - This unit is designed for the student who is interested in improving his/her physical condition.  Strength will be enhanced by a program centered on endurance, strength, flexibility and understanding of fitness development.  Students will keep record of quarterly attainment, which will provide an overall picture of improvement in their level of weight training fitness.

    Personal Fitness (1st and 2ndQuarter) - This unit is designed so that students will 1.  Develop knowledge of, and demonstrate individual development in physical fitness emphasizing aerobic or cardio respiratory fitness, to promote lifelong physical activity; 2.  Assess health-related fitness in relation to the following components: cardiorespiratory, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition; 3. Achieve health-related fitness through involvement in an individually designed physical fitness program; 4. Maintain personal fitness through regular participation in physical activity.

    Physical Education (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarter) - This unit is designed to enable students to participate in team and individual sports activities.  Activity options will rotate by quarter and will include {Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Speedball and Handball}, {Volleyball, Badminton, Wall Ball, and Racquetball}, {Floor Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse}, {Tennis, Diamond Sports, Pickle ball}.  Skill development, tournament play, and competition will be available to students who have mastered the basic skills in certain sports.

    HIIT (2nd Quarter only) – High Intensity Interval Training – This unit will give students a high interval workout training experience.

    Personal Fitness Yoga (3rd Quarter only) – This unit is designed to give students a basic understanding of a variety of yoga practices and skill activities.

    Basic Swimming (3rd Quarter only) ALL STUDENTS WILL PARTICIPATE IN FOUR SWIM LESSONS!  The four lessons will be included in their third quarter regular Wellness class choice.  This unit is designed to give students a basic understanding of water safety as well as learning the fundamentals of swimming and diving.  Students who master basic swimming skills may continue with aquatic fitness activities at the end of the 3rd Quarter if time permits.

    Outdoor Adventure (4th Quarter only) – This unit is based on outdoor activities.  Students will participate in lifetime activities to include tennis, hiking, frisbee golf, cooperative activities, relay, walking adventures and loads of fun.

    Personal Fitness - Learning to run a comfortable mile (4th Quarter only) - This unit is designed to teach students the proper skills and pacing necessary to run a comfortable mile.