• Class Dojo
       In our classroom we utilize the web-based behavior tracking system known as Class Dojo. This website allows me to communicate with each one of you about your child's daily behavior at school- both positive and negative!  Students will be given points for things like being on task, completing homework assignments, and making good choices.  Dojo points can also be taken away for things like talking out of turn, having a tough special/lunch, or no homework completed. 
       In the beginning of the school year, you will be asked to sign up for Class Dojo by using your email and a code that I will provide for you each one of you. You can even get the app on your phone to receive daily notifications of how your child is doing throughout the day!  We are even able to communicate regularly through messaging! There is also a classroom story board feature where you will find fun photos, important reminders, and upcoming events. Here is the website link for Class Dojo: https://www.classdojo.com/