• Requirements

    • Students must read 20 books by the end of the year. They must read a MINIMUM of 4 books each of the first three quarters.
    • All information must be recorded on the log. This includes: title, author, number of pages, and date completed. Log must be filled in completely to get full credit.
    • A summary must be completed for each book read. Forms are available in class.
    • Mrs. Ball will sign the log after checking the summary. Parents do not need to do anything!
    • Logs are turned in at the end of the first three quarters for a homework grade. Logs are collected at the end of the year and counted as the final test grade worth 100 points. Points are based on number of books read. Extra credit will be given to those students who exceed 25 books.


    How to Cover 20 Books!

    • Books read independently should be added to the log.
    • Books used for Reading class projects count.
    • Also, any "surprise" books used in class may be added IF the student was responsible enough to bring their log to class that day!


    Book Values

    Less than 150 pages= 1 Book

    151-250 pages= 2 Books

    251-350 pages= 3 books

    351-450 pages= 4 books

    451 or more pages= 5 books

    5 is the maximum value for any given book!