•  As a department this year we doing grades based on total points. This makes it easier for the kids to figure out their grades and to see how complting missing work can pull their grades up.

    Recovery Grades:  
    My goal as a math teacher is for each student to demonstrate understanding of the material. If a student scores under a 70% on a test, they will have the opportunity to retake it and pull their grade up to a 70%. They need to make their test corrections and get them signed in order to be allowed to do the retake.
    Grading Scale:
    Recovery Test Grade                                    New Grade 
    80% or higher                                           70%
    77%-79%                                                   69%
    74%-76%                                                   68%
    70%-73%                                                   67%
    68%-69%                                                   66%
    66%-67%                                                   65%
    65% or lower                                            the higher of the two grades