•  This is how students' grades are calculated:

    Chapter Tests--45%: There are two tests each marking period.

    Formative Assessments--45%: This consists of quiz grades, classwork, exit tickets, etc.
    Classwork--10%: Classwork must be completed on time to get full credit.
    Recovery Grades:  
    My goal as a math teacher is for each student to demonstrate understanding of the material. If a student scores under a 70% on a test, they will have the opportunity to retake it and pull their grade up to a 70%. They need to make their test corrections and get them signed in order to be allowed to do the retake.
    Grading Scale:
    Recovery Test Grade                                    New Grade 
    80% or higher                                           70%
    77%-79%                                                   69%
    74%-76%                                                   68%
    70%-73%                                                   67%
    68%-69%                                                   66%
    66%-67%                                                   65%
    65% or lower                                            the higher of the two grades