• Adv Bio

    Midterm Exam Guide



    Part I – login into USA testprep and take the Midterm Exam benchmark. 

    • Involves lots of pictures and graphs.  Be sure to look at the information in these images.
    • This is 38 multiple choice and 2 performance tasks ( ordering items)

    Part II:  paper test specific to Mrs. Villareal’s classes.

    • Multiple choice
    • Short answer
    • Age structure diagrams
    • Population growth curves
      • Exponential
      • Logistic
    • This portion will be used to replace some of the content you may get incorrect on the benchmark due to our snow days and lost class periods.


    Main topics:

    • Inquiry – experimental design
    • Ecology – biomes, communities, symbiotic interactions, populations
    • Theory of Evolution – natural selection, Hardy-Weinberg, evidence


    What to study from:

    • Vocabulary cards
    • Powerpoints on my website